Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Lupine seed is ready for harvest.

As the pods dry they "pop" open and the seed flies. I brought them in and placed a towel over the basket. After they are finished drying I will remove the seed and place it in an envelope. Ready for winter sowing in January.

Some of the Oriental Poppy pods are ready.

I watch for when the crown pops up and the holes open for the seed to come out. This one is almost ready. Maybe tomorrow.

This one is ready.

I shake the seeds out, like a salt shaker.

I found five pods ready.

I want these seed for winter sowing and if I have enough, for Poppy Seed Cakes.

After shaking as many seeds as I could out of the pods I transferred the seed and the pods to a pretty bowl to finish drying inside. More seed could still come out so I will store them upside down, in the china cabinet for a few days. It is cool and dry in there.

The Flanders Field poppies are ready too.

These are annuals that self seed. I would rather they not!

I cut these just a wee bit early. I want a few seed to winter sow for next year and the pods for decorating. Poppies need a cold period to germinate, that is called stratification. I could sow seed in October for next Spring's germination but by using the winter sowing technique I can plant where I want them. The seed shakes out like the larger poppies.

Getting the poppy plants cleaned up is a messy job. Best done outside. When the sun took over my work spot I came in. I can finish later when the fireflies come out and the evening bird songs are my music.

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Q said...

The gathering of seeds is an on going event for me. Gathering the poppy seed will continue for about ten days. Each morning I go out and check.
Some plants I do not want to go to seed. It takes lots of energy for them to produce seed and I want flowers! So I remove the spent flowers before they seed. Thus the plant will make more flowers. It is called "deadheading" when you do this. Some plants like the strawflowers make lovely flowers that dry so nicely if I remove them before they are at full bloom.
I am currently watching the dwarf snapdragons. I want seed for next year and flowers all summer! So I deadhead some and save seed from others. I know that I could wait until the end of the season for seed gathering yet the way things go I could miss them. Thus I want to get a few just in case, come September, life goes a different direction and I can not get to them.