Monday, June 05, 2006

Morning Yard Tour

I am watching the lavender for the perfect time to harvest.
The bees are
collecting nectar.
Any day now the blooms will be at peak. I shall be ready. I look forward to this time every year. I use the lavender. It is what I use to protect my winter sweaters from moths. It scents my linens and the house. I make body scrubs, sugar and salt, with the lavender. It is used for teas and ironing sprays, syrups and vinegars. I use the lavender.

The Calla lilies are in bloom.
These are hardy for me, they return every year.
Wonderful as cut flowers, they last in the vase for at least a week sometimes two!

The red Asiatic lilies are finishing up as the pink ones are opening. The orange ones seem to last the longest. Could be the location in the yard that affords them a longer bloom time.

The bamboo trellis I planted yesterday is standing firm in this mornings breeze. It is where the wheat was. Now I have the gourds planted for October harvesting. I will keep an eye on the trellis until the vines hold it firmly in the ground.

The Kumquat tree is in bud! This is the first summer for the Kumquat. I bought this tree last January for the house. Right now it is in a growing pot on the deck. It had fruit on it when I bought it and I am hoping to have fruit again this year.

The daisies are blooming.
I try to have different one's in bloom from M
ay, with the painted daisies , through July, with the shastas.

These African daisies were winter sowed three years ago.

These are little mum plants that were growing in the cracks of the back brick sidewalk. I potted them up for summer growing and come September I will transplant them into my front window boxes. I need 15 plants to fill the window boxes. So far I have found 14 volunteers.

There are roses in bloom and the dwarf snap dragons are just opening. The Sweet Williams will bloom all summer. A few volunteer marigolds are blooming.
The day lilies are just budding.

The zucchini, peas and tomatoes are also in bloom. Soon I will be picking. The blueberries are ripening.

Rain is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.
All is well out in the gardens.


Q said...

I take a morning yard tour every morning. Looks as if a stray dog has browned a Heather!

Anonymous said...

Love the yard tour! I learn so much with each new planting or harvesting, I am grateful for your generosity in sharing.

Lavender scent is so very gentle and calming to the soul. It invokes memories of days gone by, restful times when we just sat and enjoyed a quiet glass of tea with a loved one.

I think of fresh linens, and clothing on the lines in the cool evening breezes of late spring to early summertime as a young girl. It somehow feels ancient in lineage, yet so deeply fresh to the inner senses. I do enjoy many uses of Lavender.

I'm still enjoying all the beautiful pictures of your gardens, as well as your charmingly delightful preparations of food and beverage. A lighted candle, a lovely flower, a beautiful beverage with sprigs of flowers, mint, lemon or lime. The very placement of your table shows your willingness to be open and loving, intimate and caring with all who enter your sanctuary at your table.

Beauty seems to fill every space in your surroundings, it must come from within you in order to be so present in your outer workings. Thank you again for sharing your wise ways.

Q said...

Your words are balm! So much beauty is all around us and I delight in it! The birds and the flowers and so many yummy foods!
Being able to share with you is the finishing touch to a beautiful day.
Thank you for visiting and adding your sparkle.