Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup and Lunch

It is exciting to me that the World Cup is being broadcasted on network telivision today. I am pleased whenever Americans are inclusive. I consider myself an Earthling, not an American, although I do live in the U.S.A.
My husband brought out an old soccer ball for the event.

I fixed lunch. We were out of limeades. I use 6 limes and 2 quarts of filtered water and half a cup of Lavender syrup. If I am out of syrup I use a cup of sugar. We like our limeades a wee bit sour. I can always sweeten up individual glasses if need be. The candied lavender is nice as a garnish too. The lime juicer fits as a lid so I can keep the pitcher out on the counter. Makes it easy for my husband to replenish his glass as he watches the game.

When the Vidalia Onions are at the market I buy a few 10 pound bags. They keep fairly well. Usually on the counter I will have some sort of fresh food staged up. I love the look of beautiful produce.

Today I decided on onion bowls for our lunch. On the weekends I like to have our main course in the middle of the day. Tonight we can have a garden salad.

I like things to be easy. For the onion bowls I simply saute cut up onions and new potatoes in a little bit of olive oil. The cast iron skillet was my Grandmother's. I love cooking in it. Some of the iron does go into our food.

I looked to see what sort of green vegetable I had. It was broccoli. These florets were frozen so I needed them to defrost and cook a bit. I made a full skillet so we can have the leftovers tomorrow for our lunches. From start to serve it took 30 minutes.

I stirred in a few almond slivers and garnished with flax seed. Easy to fix lunch, pretty and nutritious.

We like our food in bowls. I fix pasta bowls, noodle bowls, rice bowls, potato bowls and onion bowls! Soon we will have zucchini bowls.

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