Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Flag Day

It is Flag Day.

I posted my flag.
I like the idea of flags. I think they are pretty.
I like the idea of a flag telling where a group of people are from. Their natural habitat.
A group of flags can be so lovely. The history of a flag is interesting. I like the way they fly in the breeze.
I like the idea of a flag being an inclusive symbol.

I have a small collection of parade flags of different countries and different states I have visited.

I have been reading about gardening in the late fall and early winter. Sowing seed in the middle of the summer for autumn harvest. Growing Cole Crops.
When a seed catalog arrives I read it like any magazine, cover to cover. Usually with a highlighter in hand so I can keep track of potential seed I want to order.
I learn terms and different techniques, Latin names and sometimes the native growing location. Once I know where a plant grows wild I can try and bring the same conditions to the spot in the garden I want to grow it. I can try and create micro-climates.
This year I am growing cabbages and broccoli and more spinach and lettuce. The broccoli sows after the fourth of July.

I have found a source to order oat seed from. I have wanted to try to grow oats. I have never seen them growing. Know very little about them. I have done some research but have not found much information. I will just have to wing it.

The Mimosa tree is blooming and the hummingbirds love it. It is a volunteer tree that grows in the back bushes. Over the years we have removed the lower branches and encouraged it to grow taller. It was shading the sunflowers so we roped up some branches.

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Q said...

I also think of "banners" for festivals. If I was setting up a tent with my wares I would for sure have a banner that said "Q's Corner", in some way. On my list! I shall just have to make such a thing. On Flag Day I could post MY flag!

The history of a family is very interesting to me. I love the stories of those that have gone before us. Family Crestsa nd such are ever so cool. The time people spent carving them and designing them is so cool. I remember when women in the country made and sold their butter they would have a butter stamp. It was made of wood and carved so those who wanted a certain woman's butter could identify it at the market. I wish I had my grandmother's. Do not know what became of it.

The Flag of Wales is very cool as are Tibetan Prayer Flags. In January I celebrate Asia. I have on my "list" to make my own prayer flags for next January. I am thinking of how I want to do this.
Come next January I just might be making a prayer flag each day as my event. I am currently gathering silk for my flags. I am thinking I will do one for each family member and stitch my prayer onto the silk.
I do try to learn a little bit every month about a different country. Studying their flag is a nice way to open the door to the culture. The colors and the motifs mean so much. People are very protective of their flags and I find that interesting.