Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cloudy Rainy Day

I love cloudy days.

We had a brief shower this morning and I am hoping for more rain.
The ground is dry.

I am planning a rain water, with Rosemary and Lavender hair rinse for this afternoon. I cut my rosemary and my lavender before the rains began. I could add roses or passion flower or Jasmine, now that it is in bloom. Mint is nice too. I will save some of my rinse for a face wash before bed tonight.

I have a small rosemary island bed.

It is good for the plants to be cut back and used during the summer. I dry branches for winter use and I use the rosemary fresh. I propagate the rosemary by doing a method known as layering. I take a branch and lay it on the ground. I secure it with a rock. Where the branch touches the dirt it will root. It takes a growing season to do so. I cut the new plant from the mother. It increases my bed with new plants.

In the summer I love to pour the rain water, sweetened with the lavender and rosemary, over my hair. It makes my hair so soft and the rosemary brings out my natural highlights.
Collecting rain water is fun. I put all sorts of pretty pitchers and bowls out.
Once I have enough to fill my decanter I will strain and leave a sprig of rosemary in for more steeping and to look pretty. I also have the watering cans out. These will fill for the inside plants and those plants that are in protected areas.

When it is warm and it rains I enjoy taking a shower in the rain. I dry off in the kitchen and feel refreshed. I stage my towel and robe so I can get out of my wet clothes.

We are having a summer rain. I breath in the freshness and am grateful.

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Q said...

Rosemary grows nicely in a pot. You would need to bring it in for over wintering. In the ground rosemary can be hardy to zone 6. I call myself a zone 6 knowing some winters can be very cold and push us into a zone 5. It is how cold it gets that makes the difference.

Your home sounds as if it is a delightful place! The diffusers are so nice. I use different ones too. I will place drops of oil on different porous items to gently diffuse into the air. I always try to get the organic essential oils.

Having horses near must be ever so charming. Watching them can teach us many things. I too love horses.

Blessings are always about. It is grand you recognize the rains and the wind as the true blessings they are. I am gratful for you. It is seldom I met someone who also is full of gratitude.

I do honour all of nature. As we celebrste the now we enjoy our lives.