Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Moon

The New Moon is in Cancer.

A good day to plant or transplant annuals.

We picked from the garden for our noon meal.

My husband dug the first of the blue potatoes.

They are beautiful!

I added fresh rosemary to our stir fry.The blue potatoes are tender and sweet.

I brought up my flower presses.

My husband made them for me years ago.

Now is the time for me to press the flowers I will want to use come winter.

I am trying an experiment this year.

I am pressing the Jasmine and some Johnny Jump Ups between white tissue and the blotter paper. I am thinking the flowers will be embedded in the tissue and will be interesting for cards and bookmarks. These flowers are rather thin and could be difficult to remove from the blotter paper. This way I can cut the tissue to the size I want. We will see how it works.

I recently learned the New Moon is known as the Grandmother Moon. I have been thinking about the importance of Grandmothers.

In the research I have done I could not find a name for the New Moon.

So I shall name the New Moon each month. For June, I shall call the New Moon "The Grandmother Lavender Moon".

I think I shall fix limeades with lavender syrup for our evening treat.

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Q said...

They are more purple in color than blue! They are called "blue potatoes" this is our first year to grow them. They are very good too. Fresh from the garden all the potatoes are sweet.

Pressing flowers is fun. I use them too. Years ago I made framed pictures of them. I have the Queen Ann's Lace pressed picture I did for my Mother. It is lovely.

So often in the past I gave away everything I made. Now I keep a wee bit. If I make something I try very hard to be sure and make one for house.
The pressed flowers I am doing now I hope to use for my notebooks of the different flower beds. I thought it would be nice to have photos and a pressed leaf or flower. It might take me a few years to get all the flowers and plants pressed and in the books. It is fun to do.