Friday, June 09, 2006

Lavender Harvest

As soon as the dew was off the buds I began to cut the lavender.
This is an exciting time for me.
I look forward to the lavender coming in every year.

We plan on redoing the Lavender bed this summer. We want to replace the wood edge with a stone wall. Thus I am cutting back the lavender as much as possible.

I use three baskets to harvest and process. One for the cuttings,

one for the cleaned and bundled stems
and one for the cleaned off leaves.

I clean and bundle in silence. I like to do it in the living room near the hearth. It doesn't make too much of a mess. I think about all the joy the Lavender gives to me. I think of new ways I can use it. I have read a plant sometimes chooses a person. I believe Lavender choose me. I feel a friendship with the plants.

This first harvest yielded 16 bundles of 100 stems.
I hung them on the gally rack in the guest bathroom.
This room has no windows and remains dark most of the time.
It is cool and at the end of my hallway.
The drying lavender scents the entire upstairs!

The cleaned leaves will dry in the basket.
I will place them downstairs near the fireplace.
We will burn them this winter when we have our wood fires.

It looks as if I was able to get about an eighth of the Lavender Hedge cut today.

I shall be continuing the harvest until it is in and drying.


Q said...

The Lavender Harvest is a sacred event for me. It is a joy to share these deepest delights. I thank the Lavender for all it gives to me.
I am very connected to the natural world and especially to the plant life. Being able to share this has opened my heart even more than before Q's Corner.

Thank you for caring.

Q said...

So glad Lavender is helping to open and bring breath to you. It is calming too. I have been doing a breath meditation each day as I work the lavender. With so many toxins in our air it is hard to always get our full breath. The earth also has a bit of trouble. I try to grow as much as I can. The plants clean our air. The inhale and the exhales, as I process, are offered up! Now that I have learned how to breathe into my back ribs I find I am able to have a fuller breath. I send you, Sprite, not only a full intake of clean perfect air but also a full exhale.
A Lavender bath also is very opening.
I love the tea! Yummy.

Kali is an amazing blend! My dear friend gave me some and now I drink Kali every day. So cleansing. It is a good thing I like to have a beverage all the time. With water, Kali, teas, coffees, limeades, lemonades I am very hydrated!