Monday, June 12, 2006

Black Gold

With simple raw materials my husband makes our soil.
We call it, "black gold".
We are compositors.

He takes the fallen Autumn leaves and grinds them up and layers grass clippings from Spring and Summer mowing.

They begin cooking.

He stirs them up.

Kitchen, non-animal, scrapes also go into the compost.

I use his mix as mulch.

Three times a year I mulch. Early spring, when I am cleaning a bed of the winter debris, Summertime, when I clean a bed of weeds and faded spring flowers and once again in October, when I ready the beds for winter. The mulch works itself into the ground, enriching the soil.

These bins are ready for me to use. I dig in with my pitch fork and bring out what I need.
As I dig in a pleasant scent comes forth, I call it, " The Forest Floor". It is warm and rich. As I dig deeper I find the Gold. Nice clumps of soil made with care.

He has simple bins, just wire, for air flow and open for the rains.
These bins are cooking for autumn use.

When I replant a bed, like the wheat, I will plant my seeds and mulch. The seeds are happy to have the added blanket of mulch for moisture. I am happy for weed control. The gourds are sprouting.

We are seed to seed and leaf to leaf sort of folks.

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Q said...

I also love the smell of the deep forest.
My Mother had the statue of Saint Francis in her yard. It came home to my gardens when my ancestral home was sold. I love it very much.
I wrote "Brother Sun Sister Moon" down on my list of movies to rent. Sounds like a movie I would enjoy. Thank you.