Tuesday, June 06, 2006


A Calla Lily with Bells of Ireland on my desk.

Ripe Blueberries ready to pick.

Rosemary, lavender and carrot in flower, cut and arranged to use as garishes.

I am preparing for the lavender harvest. Any day now. I check each morning for full bloom. Perhaps tomorrow, after the dew has dried, I will begin.

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Q said...

My daughter taught me that in Japanese Flower arranging the arrangement is for a specific area. I have added that idea for when I do flowers for the house.

The Bells of Ireland had fallen over in the last rain storm so I cut a few stems for the house. I like them for contrast. I grew the Bells of Ireland from seed using the winter sowed method, three years ago, and they come back every year by re-seeding. Easy and nice for arrangements.

I am so very excited about the lavender harvest. Looks as if tomorrow morning will be the day!

The blueberries are on dwarf bushes. I have one area I call my Canadian garden. In it are the lupines and three blueberry bushes. These have taken three years to produce berries. So worth the wait. I am working on enlarging this bed so will order more bushes next spring and do a blueberry bush border.

Thank you, Sprite, for your kind words. Do so hope Corner is relaxing and fun and brings joy into your life.