Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This is my first year growing Bergamot. The variety I am growing is Monarda Fitulosa. It is a keeper. Beautiful flowers in July, in the heat. I am reading about this herb and how to dry and use. I have seen this herb referred to as "Bee Balm".
My stand is a nice size for the first year.

I winter sowed the seeds in February.

Today I shall harvest some flowers for later use. I will wait until September to harvest leaves for winter teas. Today I shall also set up a notebook to keep my photos and notes on growing and using Bergamot. With seventeen different varieties of Monarda I could create an entire garden. That would be pretty.

I do think I will enlarge it's bed and have it as a part of my English Tea Garden. This is a side patio area bordered by the lavender, painted daisies and Sweet Annie. I have just named this area and will continue working on making it a relaxing spot for summer afternoons. It is my focus area for 2007.

I have read Hummingbirds like this herb! I do need a bird blind. I can see me relaxing with a cool glass of Bergamot iced tea, camera at the ready.

Humm...will need comfy outdoor furniture, a water feature and shade for me, sun for the herbs. Humm..... I need a plan.

Bergamot is my 2007 Herb of the Year.

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Q said...

Dear Sprite,
I have never tried Lady Grey tea!
Will look for it at the market.
A cup of hot tea and honey before bed is a lovely ritual!
Sweetest of dreams!