Monday, July 17, 2006


The sun is setting so I am more comfortable going outside. I needed to check on plants and animals. The Rudbeckia looks nice. It does well in the heat.
One of the sunflowers was down so I cut it for the house. Nice to have a flower. Soon I will need flowers for the tables and desk. I wanted to wait until August to cut sunflowers but I need them now. The heat does not bother them. The Hummingbirds are enjoying the sunflowers too.

I saw a male hummingbird sipping nectar from the Jasmine. When he saw me he flew away.

On the way to yoga class a Great Blue Heron flew over the top of my car. It's legs seemed to brush the top. My heart skipped a beat as it continued it's upward flight. Magnificent birds.
Spiders are weaving their webs; one had filled my steering wheel and dashboard. I carefully relocated her and was sad to have to destroy her web.
All over the gardens I see spider webs. They are friends of the garden. Next rain I hope to get photos.
I will continue to hope for hummingbird pictures. My daughter said maybe they are just to be enjoyed for the moment. Perhaps so.

I do enjoy the slowness of the hot days.
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