Saturday, July 08, 2006

Simple Summer Supper

After working in the gardens all day I often am very tired. I want something delicious and quick to fix for supper.

Grilled Zucchini Sandwiches are one of my favorite summer time suppers. I simpy slice a zucchini in half and grill. I also grill an onion and since I keep our bread in the freezer I grill it too.

I spread some hummus on the bread and top with Red Oak Leaf Lettuce from under the front peonies. Fast and so tasty.

For dessert I fix another fast treat; sorbets in cookie bowls. This one is Mango Sorbet with chocolate sauce, coconut and sliced almonds. I also do other sorbet flavors and add fresh fruit. Fancy enough for company, quick enough for after a day in the garden. My husband enjoys these fast meals so much. He almost always says, "You can't get this in a resteraunt!" I think it would be excellent if you could.

When I was younger one of my dearest friends was an older woman.
I would often talk with her about the frustrations of house and gardens. She would tell me to work for "progress not perfection". Wise words from a wise woman. I remember her and the gifts of living she shared with me. Today we made much progress in the gardens. I am tired, dirty and sore. It is a nice feeling.


Q said...

Maybe one of the these days an organic restaurant will open in our area! I would enjoy being a consultant. It would be so wonderful if chef could go out to the gardens and choose the vegtables and herbs and flowers for the day. There are places in our country that are like that. I have heard of them.
So often I just check to see what is ripe in the gardens. We enjoy simple foods so my "gourmet" is fresh and simple and filled with color and herbs.
I like the sound of Goddess Q. Hummm...
We could start a movement..
We can all be Q's.

Anonymous said...

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