Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sanding the Walks

Every month I have certain chores to accomplish. In July, I sand the sidewalks. I weed, sweep and put the sand down. Lots more sweeping to fill the spaces between the pavers.

I am using white sand. I like it better than the sandbox sand. The white is finer. I left the volunteer dwarf snap dragon that had found a spot to grow in the front walk.

The back walk is in the sun until evening. I will wait. We have four walks and two brick patios and two brick spurs and a brick edge on one side of the driveway. It could take me all month to get them all sanded. It often does.

We have more of these half pavers. Enough for another walk. They came to us when my husband remodeled a bank. Rather than send the pavers to the landfill he took the floor up on his own time and brought the pavers home. If time allows this year I would like to lay another walkway and a half circle landing off the deck stairs. My plan is to someday connect all the walks and patios. These walks and patios are part of what is known as "hardscapes". They take me the longest to do.

We have rock too. The rock also came from a remodeling job. Raw materials for hardscapes. I would love to put in some garden walls.

I am weeding and mulching in the shade today. Too hot to be in the sun. After laying the mulch I have to water it in. Too windy not to. I have the yard divided into 40 different "Gardens". They have names and are the way I refer to the area. This is part of the front peony bed. It is a large curved bed, that follows the front walk, about 7 feet wide and maybe 24 feet long. For July color I have yellow lilies and dwarf snap dragons.

The zinnia seeds have sprouted. I am hoping they will be my August color. I have been pinching back the mum. I do not want it to bloom until mid September early October.

Each bed is decorated too.

The front peonies have a bridge on one end.

Old watering cans are tucked in under the peonies.

It also has a water feature. This is a copper bowl I found years ago at a thrift store. The shells were given to me by my neighbor. The cardinals love this bowl for their baths and drinks. This year I have begun growing some sort of food in as many beds as I can. The front peonies have red oak leaf lettuce. I have these on the north side of the bed. They are growing just fine even in the heat. If all goes as planned we will have lettuce for our tomato sandwiches.

We need rain again. Seems to be my summer time chant.

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