Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Walking sticks

Our son saved a piece of the Tiger Lilies from a neighbor's yard. When we moved to our house he was not quit three years old. All of the neighbors had already raised their children. We were the first family of the next generation. Our neighbor was moving to a nursing home. We would miss her. Our son was almost eleven years old.
The Tiger Lilies have grown. It has been 20 years since that little piece came to our yard. This year my husband used some left over wood pieces and built a support for the Tigers so they would not fall over, a Tiger Lily house.

Life is interesting. I never know from day to day what joy, what concern, what will unfold. In yoga class, our teacher talks about trusting the process of the poses. She reminds us to trust the body; she encourages us to trust the energy of the universe. I think about what she says. As I place arms and legs where she directs I find I am standing on my shoulders! Had she told me to do a shoulder stand I would have not known I could do so. Yesterday in class I twisted my arms this way and my legs that way and for a brief moment I was in Eagle pose. For a brief moment I felt as if I could fly. The pose had built upon itself. One movement at a time.Our son is a sensitive man. He was a curious child. He is walking alone now. I can not walk his walk. I can walk with him sometimes. Other times he must find his way, step by step. When I can not be near him I am with him in thought. Today I want to do something creative with my memories of this young man and his love of trees and rocks. As I watched the Tiger Lilies open I thought of the branch that had come down out of the front maple tree this past spring. It is a long slender branch. I saved it. At the time I did not know why. My intuition had suggested that I simply put it aside for later. I trust intuition.

I brought branch out and I saw how it could become a walking stick. I can cut and clean, carve and polish and over time, one step at a time, make a beautiful piece. A walking stick to help me remember to trust.
Today I can gather my tools. The branch can gather passion from the passion flower vine. I trust somehow I will be able to do this. Maybe my husband can teach me; maybe we can do this together.


Q said...

Sprite, Dear Heart,

We find ways to express our hearts.
Trusting that love will always hold our dearest ones in perfect embrace is where Mother and Father must be.
Thank you for you candle and light. Stepping forward with the intention of love shines holy light. I am a beleiver in love. I trust love.

Standing on Grandmother's shoulders brought tears to my eyes!
Yes, sometimes that is what we do, other times we cuddle up in their laps! The old wise women tales are what I depend on as I go about my days. Slowly, I am becoming "grandmother".

I also draw strength from delightful, mindful, spirits like you. You are faithful and so wise.

Taking all that love offers I stand ready to express the inner beauty. I also see your inner love and light.
Thank you for sharing that here.
I bow.

Anonymous said...

Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.

Savvy1007 said...

Oh, Tiger Lily...

Oh, Tiger Lily
With beautiful lithe petals
Petals that curl out from North to South
Petals that are long with visual delight
Petals that dance inside adagio breezes

Oh, Tiger Lily
With delicate phallic tendrils
Tendrils that fountain out from East to West
Tendrils that exude aphrodisiacal fragrances
Tendrils that pull us into your lilic presence

Oh, Tiger Lily
Of all earth's exquisite flowers
I do so love you best
You are truly exotic and wild
Mother Nature's erotic child

- by Savannah Skye...

Q said...

Hello Savannah Skye,
Thank you for your poem.
Tiger Lillies are so incredible.
You captured them in words exquitsitely!
I heard a song as I read your words.