Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The dwarf crepe mrytles are blooming.

The burgamont just opened this morning.

The gourds are filling the trellis. Waiting for them to bloom.

The creeping thyme between the stepping stones is lush.

The bees drank the humming bird feeder dry this afternnon.

My activity today is "harvest Jasmine blooms". I want to dry them for winter use.

The Puau Shell necklace was ready. I ordered a black velvet stand so every month I can display a pretty necklace.


Sprite said...

Dear Q~

Oh thank you so much for the update on blossoms and blooms and bees and necklace.

The gourd vines are beautiful! My how those bees gather. I love that Odd question, but are they transparent in some areas? They look like they have a honey light on.

Oh! They must bee faeries!



Anonymous said...

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