Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lady Liberty

A new friend suggested in July, ( she knew I was searching for motif) I could think about liberation and the Lady Liberty. I have. I have looked for a nice Statue of Liberty for the mantel and so far have not found the one I want. I will keep looking, it is on my list. There will be fireworks tonight. Celebrations of independence Day.

We posted our Flag. Some families will have a barbecue. We will have greenbeans and listen to Fireworks Music

I read the Declaration Of independence. I have a framed copy hanging in the Master bathroom.

I am thinking about liberation. There have been times in my life I have declared myself independent. I did not write a Declaration of independence. I think it would be a grand thing to do.

I also am thinking about freedom.

I developed a Morton's Neuroma in 1995. I had foot surgery and slowly the nerve has grown back. Last October the condition reoccured. I am trying nonsurgical treatments this time; reflexology, yoga, foot soaks, massage and gel inserts in my shoes. Because of the pain I have not been able to go walking with my husband. I miss our evening walk. My husband has begun massaging, "foot" every night. I can sleep without pain. Standing on the four corners of my feet and lifting my toes helps too. Learning to place my legs in proper alignment and keeping my spine straight helps to take the pressure off my inflamed nerve. The swelling is gone.

We walked last night. Not our 3 miles but I was able to go one mile. It was wonderful to be back on the trail. Freedom from pain.

Back home my husband set up the foot soaker on the deck. I soaked while we listened to the baseball game on the radio and watched the bat eat mosquitoes. A storm was coming in. We had iced coffees. The dragonfly patrolled, the cicadas sang, the fireflies danced, the temperatures began to drop, it began to sprinkle, freedom from drought. I felt happy.

I watch the birds. Recently I have seen a Sparrow Hawk. I have not seen this hawk in our yard before. The birds seem to be free. Yet as their habitat is changed they are threatened.

Today, as I celebrate and give thanks to those that declared the colonies to be independent of England, I am struck by the phrase, "pursuit of happiness".

It does not say I have a right to be happy only to pursue happiness. I guess the ground hog that is eating all the green bean plants also has a right to pursue. He did leave a few beans for us. I can plant more. I like the idea of living in the spirit of cooperation. My husband dug the last of the blue potatoes and I will have a few green beans for tonight's supper.

Happy Fouth of July.

Our activity today was the turning of the matress. Freedom from backaches.

Please enjoy this link. My idea of America.

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