Monday, July 03, 2006

Queen Ann's Lace

My favorite wildflower is Queen Ann's Lace. Years ago I would gather it from the roadside and place it in colored water. The white heads would turn pink with red food coloring or blue with blue color. I did red, white and blue florals for the 4th of July. It is my wildflower for the month of July.

One year I was successful at transplanting from the wild to my yard. It is invasive! Last year when we left the carrots in the ground over winter I was wondering if the blooms would be as pretty as the wild carrot. They are and less invasive. I will continue to remove the wild and grow the domesticated.

The blooms of the carrot do not have the center black blooms like the wild.

I also study chicory. It is a wildflower and I grow the domesticated version.

The roots are the part we use. The flowers last one day. It does rebloom all summer.

Basil is my herb for the month. This year I have had trouble getting the seed to germinate. It has been somewhat distressing. Next year I will try in a different spot. The few plants I have near the tomatoes are doing fine. This is where I usually grow my basils. I will go back to what worked in the past. Next year I will think of a different herb to grow in the Heart Bed.

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