Sunday, July 23, 2006


A cloud to watch came over while I was beginning my Rosemary Harvest.

My Rosemary is in it's own area. I have three large stands and I am propagating so that the entire area will be filled in one of these days. Today I began my Rosemary Harvest for winter use. I can always cut fresh for use now. Come this winter I will need to use dried. I do the Rosemary like I do the Lavender. As I cut each branch I think about the plant and all the joy it gives forth. I am grateful the Rosemary grows so well in its spot. A perennial bush for me. I grow Rosemary Arp, hardy to zero degrees. In extremely cold winters I will mulch. My Mother plant did die during the heat. I am letting the roots dry and will use them. I have this idea of carving small beads and making a Rosemary garland. Her last branch has dried nicely and looks to be a lovely base for a dried arrangement for October. I have a large platter this could lay on. With gourds and pumpkins and seed pods I could do a pretty hearth piece. My Mother plant is at least ten years old. I am very fond of this plant. I do understand the cycles of plants. Honoring my Rosemary is what I am doing.

Today I cut 200 stems. I save the small needles that fall off during the binding up process. They will dry too and be usable. I bundle 10 stems and hang to dry.

Today I am reading about the folklore of Rosemary. Another way of knowing about this herb. I like that.

Folk Names: compass Weed, Dew of the Sea, Elf Leaf, Guardrobe, Incensier, Polar Plant, Sea Dew.

The qualities of a plant inspire me to make beautiful things for our home.....

The folk lore reminds me to think differently when I am finding ways to use my herbs. A sprig of Rosemary on my hat would be so charming.

Today I am working with Rosemary.

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Q said...

I have begun wearing Rosemary in my hat! Yesterday I did 3 long sprigs. I was meeting a girlfriend and her daughter and I thought if they had hats on I could share a sprig with them. Sure enough they also had hats on! I was pleased to have Rosemary for them.
Learning the lore is fun! Rosemary is for protection and prosperity!
I like that!
The folk names are delightful, "Elf Leaf" is one of my favorites too!
The bundles will be dry soon and I can strip the needles and store them for Winter.
I will have other herbs to dry.