Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot is Hot

I am seeking refreshment. The white roses are cooling.

The breeze is hot, heat wave I am told. It seems to be world wide. Today I think it crested at my house, 105 degrees. It is hot. The sky is hazy, orange alert. The air quality is poor. Our city needs more trees. Our city needs less autos. My gardens need rain, again.
I continue to put fresh water out, twice a day, for the birds, bugs and small creatures. I give all the pots extra water and young plants whose roots are not deep also get a drink. The young male cardinal was out for water and evening food.

The baby Carolina Wren was out seeking food and water. Once the sun goes down the animals come out. I learn so much from the animals. Staying quiet during the heat of the day. Drinking lots of water.

Ventilation is important too. Having a way to take the heat out of the attic helps to keep the house cool.

I check the tomatoes every day. They are slow to ripen in the heat. I learn so much from the plants. It is a slower time of the year. No need to rush. Cooler temperatures will once again return. Soon the tomatoes will ripen and I will return to the gardens to weed and plant and harvest.

So glad I let the alyssum spread this past June. It too is refreshing. I like white flowers.

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