Monday, July 10, 2006

Fly In

The rains have not kept the birds from feeding. Off and on all day they fly in. Many different species come. Sometimes entire families arrive, 15-18 birds at a time! The House Finches are comfortable in groups of 8-10. The males keep an eye while the females and youngsters feed.

Seldom do I see a Mourning Dove at the station. Usually they are on the ground cleaning up spilled seed.
The Carolina Wrens have had their babies. This little one was on the window by the desk.
The hummers do come I just can not seem to get a photo. The bees do not mind me one little bit.
Tonight at 10:03pm cdt we will have the Full Buck Moon, also known as Full Hay and Full Thunder. I enjoy Full Moon days and nights even when it is rainy.

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