Sunday, July 09, 2006

Taking my shoes off

We were wondering if we would have rain today. We scanned the skies, checked National Weather Service and decided not much would fall on our dry gardens if it did rain. We set up the sprinklers. It started to rain.

The gentle shower was perfect for this robin. I did about an hour of supplementing Mother Nature.

When I come in I take my shoes off.

I slip on my slippers. The act of doing so is instantly relaxing. I have read in some cultures taking off your shoes when you enter the home is an act of respect.

I was so pleased when I found this antique shoe shine box. It is in my entry way.

Yesterday my husband dug more potatoes. Since the rains are doing my watering I am bagging potatoes for winter use. I reuse my small burlap bags every year.

Tonight we are having a potato sampler for supper; blue, red, and gold. Putting onions and squash and rosemary into the stir fry will make for a beautiful potato bowl.

I added some fresh pineapple and cashews to the last five minutes of cooking.

1 comment:

Sprite said...

Your slippers look very comfortable.

Your potato sampler looked absolutely awesome. You grow so many wonderful things Q! It's wonderful to come and see each day, what new surprise you have for us. Thank you!