Monday, July 17, 2006

Triple Digits

Keeping body, mind and soul cool is my goal today. Woodpecker is also hot. Lots of water for all the animals. Lots of water for the plants. Lots of water for the humans! Water! Glorious water.

I can stay cool by staying indoors doing chores in my basement. These hot summer afternoons are perfect for catch up. With so much of my attention on the gardens since April I have spent little time organizing. My work spots do fill up with all sorts of items. Nice time for me to get containers ready for winter sowing. They need holes drilled in the bottoms for drainage and in the tops for ventilation and rain.
Later this afternoon female Cardinal came onto the porch. She was most upset. I looked and saw her drinking bowl was empty. I ran out and filled it. I went around and checked other water spots. The Stevia was wilted. I gave water again to all the deck pots. More water to the puddlers and bird baths. When it is this hot all I can do is keep water available.
A cool bath sounds refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture of a beautiful bird!