Saturday, July 15, 2006

Staying cool

The forecast is for very hot and humid for the next week! Temperatures are to be in the upper 90's and into the 100's. Too hot for me. I am concerned for the birds and bugs and small critters that also call this spot "home."
First thing this morning I checked all the bird baths and puddlers for water.

I have them all over in different gardens.

These glass flowers hold just enough water for the bees and hummers.

Some of the smaller birds like running water so I filled the fountain on the deck for them.The bigger birds like this bath. Think I will put a large rock in the center of it. That would give a perch spot.The rains this past week watered all the plants. I will keep an eye on the deck pots. The bird feeders are full, except for the hummingbird feeder. That I left empty. In the heat the nectar could ferment and be toxic for the hummers. They have lots of flowers to gather sweet nectar. They enjoy the red zinnias under the bird feeding station. The luffa continues to bloom. Each blossom lasts one day like all gourds and squashes. By mid morning the petals were almost transparent

I glanced at the meter, reminder to check the indoors. People need to stay cool too. We changed the air filter on the furnace and checked the ac unit to make sure no plants were growing too close. Inside I turned off the little night lights I had on. They generate a wee bit of heat. I can do laundry after dusk. The dishwasher can run at night.

I set our dip and chips out so snack would be easy and we would not need to open the refigerator so often.

I closed the blind so the sun would not shine in. The Bonsai will have plenty of light. I set the thermostat up two degrees and if we get warm I can turn on a couple of floor fans. I closed the vents in the entry and living room and dining room. We will not be in there this afternoon. Little ways today I can conserve energy and still be comfortable. I filled my water glass. This looks like a nice afternoon for reading. Maybe I will take a siesta.

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