Monday, July 31, 2006

End Of Month

The early morning sun was hot. The morning breeze was warm.

The water hyacinth are blooming in the back pond.

The Amish Cockscomb are in bloom. These were winter sowed from saved seed.

The Kumquat is in full bloom again! We could have fresh fruit come January.

Robin sang to me. His water was empty. I am keeping watch on the plants and animals.

Today is the last day of the month. I enjoyed the way July unfolded. Forever I will be smitten with the Swan. Forever I will remember the kiss of the Tiger.

Too hot for outside adventures so I went to the thrift store. August has needs.

The black stemmed vase became an oil lamp for the mantel.

A pair of brass enameled candle holders will receive glass inserts so I can use tea lights in them. This will finish the dining room table. Five, new to me, frames are filled with photos of my sunflowers. August is starting to pull together. I am excited.


Sprite said...


Dearest Q~

Water hyacinth is stunning! I so love the photos, especially St. Francis and Mr. Robin. So many creatures are feeling that their water bowl is empty at this very hot time of year. You know, I so very much love Francis of Assisi, and the saint.

Perhaps the rain will come and fill all the water reserves back up. I hope so. The heat has been relentless, at least to me.

Sprites do not very much like the heat. They need the cool of the forest glen. I shall go there and dream of cooler days, when the leaves begin to turn and things turn inward. This is the time of year that I too go inward, and rest. I need rejuvenation. This is partly my reason for absence. Sometimes, it is just too hot to think.

I like your adventures to market and thrifty finds... Have fun when you go again. I shall too.

I am on a quest. Later, I shall name it.

Peaceful calm,


Q said...

Mr. Robin died on August 1st. The day following this photo of him and St Francis. My Husband found him in the small bird bath by the front porch. The baby Wren died on July 31st. My Husband found little Wren on the ground by Mrs. Phelps, one of the Pines in front.
We think both died from heat exhaustion.
It is the way of Nature. Even with food, water and shade it was too hot for the very old and very young.
I am so grateful to both of these bird friends for the grace they gave to me. I have framed photos of both of them.

It has been a very hot and dry summer. I too go inward in the heat, as I do in the very cold.

Quest?? Will enjoy hearing about this. I too love quests.