Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Each day another sunflower opens. Each one is so beautiful. I am thinking next year of doing the entire across the back of the yard in different sunflowers. There are so many different Heirloom varieties to choose from.

I use sunflowers as a motif in August. I was hoping to have some for cutting and for winter bird seed. Maybe even some for roasting. In the past I have grown the Mammoth Sunflowers. This year I did not plant them. I still could, I have time and space before frost. I just need to get some seed. The day lilies continue to be outstanding.

The passionflower is just opening this morning. I am hoping for lots of seed. I have a plan for six pots of passionflower vines for inside this winter..

The dwarf crepe myrtle is ready to bloom.

Today's activity is to sand another sidewalk. This evening my favorite dress shop is having a preview for a sidewalk sale that is to start tomorrow. Tonight another 10% off things already marked down 50-75%. I have plans to go shopping right after supper!

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Q said...

These sunflowers are fun! I did get some seed to grow the "regular mammoth" variety. I will sow them and have flowers in late September. If I do not use them for cut flowers I will save the seed heads for winter bird seed. The birds cling to the dry heads and enjoy the seed straight from the head. In the past I have put the dried heads in the window boxes but the squirrels love them too and make a mess! Putting the heads on the feeding station is better.
I will post a photo when the dwarf crepes are in full bloom. I grow the white ones. They come in pink and red.