Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Spa Lifestyle

The spa lifestyle is an attitude.

It began for me years ago. Whenever I needed a break from the stress of daily living I would plan a day of relaxation. I would plan my meals and my activities. More than getting a hair cut or a facial this was about having a day at home I could relax and enjoy. It was the spa in my mind.

I would do this a couple times a year. I would check out a travel book from the library, something full of photos, a book about an exotic destination. I would get some nice tea and limes for my water. Lovely fruit and baby vegetables would be my meals. I marked the day on the calendar. I would make a scented oil for my bath and buy a new lotion for skin care. I planned my attire, comfortable and beautiful. I went to the spa. I took a break.

I enjoyed the spa in my mind so much that I wanted to go at least once a week. I began scheduling my appointments for Fridays. Whenever I was in need of a hair cut or a facial or a pedicure and manicure I would make this part of my spa day. I began subscribing to different magazines and bought beautiful music. I began buying organic food. I thought about what "spa", living water, meant to me. I wrote down all the ideas I had. I began thinking of ways I could bring the "spa" to every Friday.

Last year I decided to bring the full expression of my "spa in the mind" to every day living. I created what I call the "Spa Lifestyle". Every day I do something to experience the calm, beautiful, balance of mind, body and spirit. Even if it is something so simple as listening for two minutes, with my eyes shut, to the sounds of the ocean.

I always have chores to do. Keeping the house and gardens up is a full time job. Vases of flowers for all the tables, requires me to think ahead, so I have flowers for cutting. Having as much fresh produce as possible means I need to get my seed sown in a timely fashion. Gourmet dinners are quick when all I have to do is go pick in one of the gardens. There is always something to harvest or to process for winter use.

Planning for the next season, the next month, the next holiday takes time and energy.

To be able to enjoy all the aspects of my work I take breaks. An apple at 10am with my list book is ever so enjoyable when I cut my apple into sections and turn on lovely music.

Using pretty cloth napkins and having fresh towels is a daily luxury. Not very difficult to do if I have plenty of clean towels. Ironing the napkins is quick if I do them while I am pressing my outfit for the next day.

At 2pm I can fix an iced coffee in a pretty glass and sit down, put my feet up, watch the birds at the feeder, become aware of my breathing. Simple, beautiful ways of relaxing. An afternoon delight.

Under my desk I have a foot roller. While I do my work I can roll-a-way tension. Helps me to sit up straighter and breath deep. It was my new, for the spa, item last month.

A very dear friend made me rice bags. I heat them in the microwave and place them around my neck for instant relaxation.

I light my candles and oil lamps every day. I brush my hair 100 strokes with a natural bristle brush at night. Relaxing and good for my hair.

The house and gardens are my sanctuary. It is here I work and play and have my being. Here is where I find peace. It is here I feel the oneness with all of nature.

Being surrounded by beauty is an awareness. John O'Donohue has written a book called "Beauty The Invisible Embrace". I seldom will highlight in a book. I normally take notes. This book I highlighted. That way I can open and read a sentence and once again my awareness of beauty is restored.

My yoga practice is part of the Spa Lifestyle. Our evening walks are relaxing, and exercise.

I also believe in 20 minute naps.

The spa life is even more fun with my new sage straw hat! Last night's shopping find. Nice for gardening or walking or driving in the convertible.


Q said...

Hi Sprite,
I do find it is so important for me to have my quiet repose. I may be working but I am with the plants, birds, bugs and small creatures that share my space. Inside I enjoy the sweet tastes and smells from Mother. It seems to me whenever I am "out in the fray" I get rather tense. Anytime I can find a way to relax and enjoy the moment I find inner peace. Life is always full of ups and downs.
Thank you for your compliments on my photos. I am new to the world of photo jouralism. I do find having equipment that performs as one wishes is ever so helpful!

Anonymous said...

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