Thursday, June 15, 2006


Once again I need baskets.
This happens every few months.
I give them away filled with garden produce or flowers.
I plant them in the garden as support for flowers.
I have empty baskets in the flower beds so I have a place to toss my weeds I am forever picking as I walk around the yard. I use baskets to dry leaves, stems and seeds. I use baskets for harvesting. Once I put something in a basket it looks pretty.
Years ago I bought my baskets at garage sales. They were inexpensive, 25 or 50 cents apiece. Now I shop the thrift stores. I can find a dozen, great baskets, in half an hour and they cost $1.00-$2.00 apiece. Today I did very well, twelve baskets, all sizes.
I will wash them up and sun dry them.
I hope to have baskets for tomatoes to give to my friends come July.

On the way home I had a detour through a residential neighborhood. What delight to see a lemonade stand ahead. Four young girls had set up their table and made their sign. They did have a cube of ice for the cup and some powdered mix they had done up. Nice refreshing reminder of my children and their summertime lemonade stands. I was pleased. I did not need change. Wish I had the camera.


Q said...

It would be fun to set up a Lemonade stand!
Maybe when the tomtoes are coming on strong I can set up a stand and also have leamonade. I would not charge for refreshment. It could be a service. Maybe if it gets to 100 degrees this summer I could do this. Wonderful idea Sprite! Thank you.
Baskets are so handy. I too gather my tools and supplies together for a projet in a basket.

I am thinking about getting another camera for my purse. Not the big one with all the lenses like I resently purchased but a smaller "snap" shot type. I am not comfortable carrying the big camera while out and about!

Q said...

Next time I am in the shops I will get one! Thank you. In the summertime there are so many snaps I miss because the camera is at home and I am flitting about here and there.