Monday, June 12, 2006

Fireflies! Oh My!

My Husband was so nice to get a snap of the fireflies with their lights on.

These were taken at the magic hour, dusk. Oh I am in bliss!

He is so savy! I have this one as my desk top. I shall be printing and enlarging and framing.


DMW said...

Cool. Now we need to get you guys a super lens.

Q said...

Each night at dusk I take a few minutes to watch the fireflies dance about! Last night the yard was filled with them. Must have been a few hundred! As the dusk settled in and the darkness enfolded me the fireflies kept lighting. So magical.
They are Faeries!

Q said...

One of the joys of summer, the fireflies! I look forward to the evening time so I can watch them. Soon they will be mated and not glowing about as much. Having the photos is nice. I can look and remember the magic.