Monday, June 12, 2006

Fireflies! Oh My!

My Husband was so nice to get a snap of the fireflies with their lights on.

These were taken at the magic hour, dusk. Oh I am in bliss!

He is so savy! I have this one as my desk top. I shall be printing and enlarging and framing.


DMW said...

Cool. Now we need to get you guys a super lens.

Sprite said...


Well Q, now you know I just love the little faery fireflies, don't you? Oh my!

How very wonderful to see this unfold.

I just love this sharing, thank your husband for these great photos!


Q said...

Each night at dusk I take a few minutes to watch the fireflies dance about! Last night the yard was filled with them. Must have been a few hundred! As the dusk settled in and the darkness enfolded me the fireflies kept lighting. So magical.
They are Faeries!

Sprite said...

Here it is the end of June and last night I saw more fireflies than ever.

They lit up my yard.

It was magical!


Q said...

One of the joys of summer, the fireflies! I look forward to the evening time so I can watch them. Soon they will be mated and not glowing about as much. Having the photos is nice. I can look and remember the magic.