Monday, June 26, 2006


The Paua shell came in the mail from a dear friend. In it one can see a Mermaid and a Seahorse. It is so very beautiful. A marvelous surprise. I have decided to take it to a jeweler and have a necklace made.

I do not have many Mermaid things, the ones I do have I treasure.

My Husband and I bought this in Bermuda when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. It has a special spot in a curio cabinet. I bring it to the mantel in June.

This hook I found in an antique store a few years ago. She only comes out in June.

After yoga and lunch I began packing June things up and cleaning. I put a tourmaline masque on while I worked. It felt nice and I zippped right through my work. July has some fun motifs. My favorite right now is the tomato! Soon we will have ripe tomatoes. For the 4th of July I do a few vintage things. It is watermelon time and fireworks!

I have some flag things but I weary of the motif. I already took the parade flags out of the window boxes. I will save them for next year when we decorate the graves on Memorial Day. As I unpack July some things are going to my donation box. Mostly the flag things.

In July I celebrate the red geranium and the red poppy. Those are fun. I just do not have very much. This is the most difficult month for me to decorate for. This year I am hoping to put my creative foot forward and do July up beautifully. I will be giving the reds a chance to shine. I do have needs. Already I can see I need bath rugs and towels, cloth napkins and a red straw hat! A new journal would be nice too. I will be shopping!

I have a few end of June things to get finished up. The lavender is dry now and is ready to be put into jars. We went to Swap and Shop over the weekend and I did find some nice storage jars. I plan on finishing the switch-a-roo tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

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Q said...

I shall post a photo when my pedant is made. I took it in last week so I expect next week it will be ready. I found a lovely glass box for it. I will sit it my dresser.
John william Waterhouse is amazing. Thank you for sharing him! Wow!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sherr of the Sea,
Yes we are kindred spirits, I feel.

Are you still enjoying yoga?
I have just begun to practice.
Tomorrow we will do Sun Salutations.
I cannot wait.
Your Pal and (how do you say, "fellow" to another lady?)

Q said...

Dear Becky,
Ah, yes, of the sea.
I was tickled that you found this post. Two Mermaids have found each other!
I had to quit yoga class when I injured my foot. I still practice at home the poses I can do with out too much foot work. I do inner and outter spiral and I use my yoga stance for photos! Zooming out to 500 means I have to be very steady.
You will enjoy sun salutation.
What style of yoga are you learning?
We are fellow travelers!
Friends who remember.