Friday, June 16, 2006


We have had "moderate breezes" all day, according to the Beaufort Wind Scale, and a few stronger gusts.

I had a wee bit of damage. I can replace these pots. I can use the pot shards.

My main concern was for the tumble weeds. They are a year old and very precious to me. One piece was already broken off. The "tumbles", as they are known at our house, would have to come in for protection.

There is a strong possibility I will not be out in Western Kansas this year, tumble weed country for us. This one may be all that is left from last year's gathering.

The wind was variable. I could hear the Windsinger off and on and the different wind chimes would sound off. I can tell the direction and a close idea on wind speed by the wind chimes. These will sound if we have "light air" from the south. A friend brought them to me when she went to Hawaii. If these chime we have a "strong breeze" from the south. I made this from some old bells that were my husband's grandmother's.

These two sets I made from coconuts, bamboo, and shells from a trip we took to Sanibel, Florida one January.
During the summer months they hang on the north side of the house, behind the front pond. If I hear them I know the wind is from the northwest and is 7-10 miles per hour, a "gentle breeze." A cool down is coming soon.

I did up these as pot decorations this spring. So far I have not heard them chime.

I checked all the plants to see if I needed to put up supports or some wind protection. The Madonna lilies were somewhat wind swept but seemed fine. I had such fun watching this baby grasshopper. A gust , a "fresh breeze" came up and blew him off the petal!

Today was a nice windy day.

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Q said...

Making wind chimes is very fun.
I will store most of mine come Fall.
I do have one set my husband made that stays out all year.
I find having them tucked here and there is very nice.

I love the wind and the healing ways of sound.

"Grasshopper" ah yes, "wax on-wax off"

The birds do some rather strange nests. The study of them is interesting. I often wonder if some birds make false nests!?

So much like a tumble weed! Here one minute gone the next.
Wind does a nice job of cleaning things up! It will remove dead branches and twigs and blow seeds to other states!