Friday, July 14, 2006

Bastelle Day


I have been thinking today on what French influences are in my life. Chanel is my first thought, French Parfum.

I do grow some French Lavender along with my other varieties. In honor of Bastelle Day I have been reading about French Gardening . I also have read some on French Decorating and French cooking. My favorite music, is classical jazz, performed by Claude Bolling, a famous French musician. Jean Pierre Rampal is also a favorite. Cique Du Soleil entertained me like nothing I had ever seen before. French Impressionist Painters have given the world such beauty. Limoges Porcelains are lovely.

Our daughter has a Nabaztag bunny. Her bunny is named Flauta. You can send her bunny a message if you would like. I would like one too.

The Little Prince is forever a favorite.

I am influenced by the French Culture.

I find when I take the time to celebrate other cultures my world is enhanced.

The Luffa bloomed this morning. My vines are much smaller than my friend's. She had hers in the ground on a large arbor. Mine are in a large pot on the deck. I am pleased with the look of the vine, even though they are small.. Now I will wait and see if I get any fruit.

Baby bunny crept out from under the front peonies when I was out checking the front gardens.

We have three baby bunnies in the yard. Each has staked out their eating spots. For the most part, they eat clover. My appointment for a pedicure was changed to next week so I had the day to play! I have been shopping for another small oil lamp. At a thrift store I found a small vase I could add a wick to and make into my lamp. This vase is 4 1/2 inches tall. I use liquid paraffin. The wick insert I had found a few months ago at another thrift store.

I found some other treasures today. I do like thrift stores!


Anonymous said...

Hello from France, what a beautiful oil lamp ... maybe you will find a globe to put around it ... i will probably mention Flauta in our two Nabaztag blogs, french and english failry soon, and I think Flauta receives messages from Marvel, my Nabaztag ! Love your spirit, take good care of your flowers and soul like you do, lovely day to you and your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

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