Monday, May 07, 2007

Room for everyone

There is plenty of room for everyone.
I just needed more serving bowls and platters.
A little one came for seeds at the new hanging feeder.
The sun was out just long enough for a Red Admiral to dry her new wings.
Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week.
We will sing in the rain!
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Mary said...

Singing in the rain. You know, I think I see more birds in the rain.

And I want more bowls and trays, too. My yard will be full.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I too see many birds when it is raining. Last night a squirrel knocked my Hummingbird feeder off the feeding station and it broke into a zillion pieces. My husband suggested I go get another one. I have been wanting another feeding station too. So today I went to Wild Birds Unlimited and bought another station and the grape jelly feeder and a hanging tray feeder (4 trays) and another Hummingbird feeder. Now all is set up to accommodate any Indigo Buntings that would like to come and or any Blue Birds or any other darlings that are hungry.
I like birds in every tree and bush and feeder!

Deb said...

What a wonderful little "jelly bowl" feeder you have!!

Chrissie said...

Hi Q! We have received the rain you sent our way :-) Thank you:-) I don't think we have grape jelly here, but may be I'm wrong, it's quite rural :-) but I'd never heard of it before. How are your experiments with sound going? Love your bird pics as always!

Mary said...

Well, now, Sherry. I must follow your lead. I just mentioned your luck with the Orioles with grape jelly and oranges on Mon@rchs Nature blog. I'm going out for Jelly and Oranges this weekend. I just discovered that Chickadees love Orange and Apple suet.

When I visit WBU, the manager shakes my hand when I enter the store. I need so much more...

Q said...

Hi Deb,
The jelly bowls worked so well today that I think I might see about coming up with a couple more. I have about 12-14 Orioles now and each one likes to have their jelly! I am putting jelly in the spent orange halves. This is okay but the butterflies like the spent orange halves. They are pretty good at waiting their turn, but many are young birds and they are impatient. While my husband and I were having supper we heard the Orioles on the deck. Sure enough they were out of grape jelly! My husband thought any minute they would be knocking on the door. I refilled the cups and the orange halves and we went to the grocery for more jelly. They had eaten 32 ounces since Friday night. I think soon some Orioles may need to go to Mary's house.
Sherry, who needs to buy stock in grape jelly

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The people at Wild Birds like me too!
I have found many of the birds like fruit. I have apples and bananas out as well as the orange halves. Here in the city it is hard for the birds to find enough food. Up river there is flooding from the huge rains! Again very hard for butterflies and birds.
My daughter said, "Backyard Birders to the rescue!" She is right, we will help out.
I will check out Mon@archs Nature Blog. We saw our first Monarch yesterday and I saw one again today! Also a Giant Swallowtail came through. I got a quick photo of him.
Butterfly days and Hummers; life is beautiful!

Q said...

Hi Chris,
Oh good. I will stop sending.
We had plenty and the forecast was for rain all week but sending some to you and Mary helped as now we are in the clear for a few days. I have lots of seeds to plant and some nice bushes.
I bet you call grape jelly "jam" or maybe "conserves", although it is only one fruit. Maybe "perserves" or "marmalade"?
Mark was unsure of jelly as well. Hummm...
Let me know of any of those words make sense.
I am not very pleased yet with my recordings! I need to spend some more time learning. I have a small digital recorder and a few microphones. The problem is the other sounds I keep getting. Early on a Sunday morning is best. It might take me awhile but one of these days I will have a Backyard Bird Songs cd of my birds!
Thank you for remembering. My work with sound has taken a back seat once all the Grosbeaks and Orioles and Hummingbirds arrived. We will get back into a routine and I will have time again to work with sound.
Thank you.