Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Full Flower Moon

The Full Flower Moon
is tomorrow morning, 5am CDT.
With rain in our forecast for today, tonight and tomorrow
I may not see the moon.

The mist stopped so I went outside
in hopes of finding the Full Flower.

The wild strawberries are blooming.
My sister shared a clump from her yard
many years ago.

The Spirea has a few blooms.
My grandmother grew a hedge of Spirea.

The Blueberries once again have set buds.

The miniature petunias are blooming.

The flowers are small.
I had to look for the full flower.
I found her.
On May 31st we will have another Full Moon, a Blue Moon.
Perhaps it is the Full Blue Flower Moon!


Sheila said...

Warm rain...the best thing to bring these lovely spring blossoms out. I have finally, this very morning had my first tulip come into flower..!

Mary said...

Even on a rainy day, you shed light.

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
It is so exciting to see the tulips again. I enjoy them in the house and in the gardens. As soon as the ground dries up a wee bit I will plant the 150 tulips I forced inside this past winter. Slowly all the beds are getting their tulips. I plant my spring blooming bulbs in the spring so I can see where I need them! I find many of the tulips I have planted in the past are "gone" I expect eaten by the squirrels.
I read that in WWII, in some parts of occupied Europe, when food became scarce people ate their tulip bulbs.
Hope your tulips give you weeks of enjoyment.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I am a rain or shine outside girl!
I like the light of the cloudy days and the morning light as the sun rises and the evening light as the sun sets. Hummm....
I think I like to be outside.
Today I found lots of flowers, more than I posted. I felt so encouraged. The parade of flowers continues, just not the big show I am so used to. Finding all the little flowers reminded me to look deeper into my own heart. The Full Flower Moon can also mean I can come into full flower.
I also can bloom again even at my "age"!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Sherry,
Thank you so very much for your kind words and emotion you gave me (at the post concerning the passing of my father)

~This flower with the drops of water is beautiful. I like your way with word & Pictures~

Q said...

Dear Becky,
You are welcome.
I know the feelings of sad and also how hard it is to let them go!
My Father was very sick. He could not get well. He was ready we were not.
My sister was too young at 49 years old. She wanted to live so badly. It was and still is after seven years unbelievable she has died. I sometimes "forget" and want to call her and tell her about a great sale or a new pair of shoes. I miss her.