Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kentucky Derby Day

Churchill Downs is famous
for the first race of the Triple Crown,
the Kentucky Derby.

We went to the stables to see a few horses.
The owner wanted me to see the week old colt.

He is charming.

My husband proclaimed some years ago, "you cannot watch the Kentucky Derby unless the grass is mowed."

He did a cross hatch mowing, a double mow.

He is ready to watch the Kentucky Derby.

Storms are coming in.

I will go back outside.

Spend more time with the Hummingbird, the Orioles and Grosbeaks.

I might even chase a butterfly.


Mary said...

How about that #7, coming from behind? We really enjoyed the race. Next...Preakness! My home town.

Q said...

Hi MAry,
Have you ever been to the Derby?
I would like to go sometime.
Preakness! Yes, beautiful place!

Mary said...

Never been to the Derby but I've been to the Preakness once. The atmosphere is wonderful.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I have never been to the Preakness race but we drove through your hometown on our way home from Prince Edwards Island one year. I think it is Elliot City, but it has been so many years ago I could be wrong! I just remember seeing the race tract and having dinner someplace.. I will have to get the travel journal out and relive that trip. It was fun. I would like to "tour" Maryland someday. Looks as if it is a lovely state.