Saturday, May 05, 2007

Tiger Moth

My husband stopped mowing.
A Straight-lined Tiger Moth was in the grass.
He brought him to me.
We found a flower he might enjoy.

The honey bees have also found a new blooming flower.


Mary said...

I have a lot to learn about moths and butterflies. I'll learn from you.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I bought a field guide of the moths and butterflies of my state. I bet your conservation department has such a field guide too.
When I travel I also try and buy a bird and wildflower and butterfly guide of where we are visiting. Makes it so fun to know what it is I am looking at.
When I post a bug or a bird I will try and let you know what it is. I am thinking also of including some information on habitat. I could do bird reports and bug reports if that sounds interesting.? Some of them will be the same as what you are seeing. I just learned the Eastern Comma likes the hops plant. So I bought seed and a nice root to get my food right for the Comma. Leftover orange halves may not be a complete diet. I am working on one type of butterfly at a time for host plants and nectar.
I am looking for a bee field guide right now. I have so many different types of bees and I do not know all of their names.

Sprite said...


Dearest Q~

This tiger moth has wonderful markings, like ciphers. They look like runes. Kano, Sowelu, and Laguz.

According to one ancient Rune translater:

Kano means 'Opening.'
Sowelu means 'Wholeness,' and Laguz means 'Flow.'

There are more that one can find in this moth, as well in nature.

Sometime's it's delightful to 'See' what is written on the wind.

I adore the colors of the flower and moth together, as well as the bright loving yellow flower.

Wonderful, wonderful!

Much Love and Gratitude~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Thank you so very nuch for remembering the olde ways. All we ever need to know is in Nature. She tells us how to "be".
Thank you Dear Heart and Dear Friend.
It IS nice to "see".