Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bouquet of Flowers

The water iris opened this afternoon.
These are in the front pond.
The white peonies are so bright
I had to wait for sunset to get photos.
The four bushes of magenta peonies
greet those who pull into the driveway.
Many people use our driveway as a turn around spot.

They are in the triangle bed; which is not a triangle.


Jayne said...

Just spectacularly beautiful Sherry.

Chrissie said...

Your peonies and iris are so beautiful. You have captured them so elegantly. I would not have thought of photographing them at night! Ours are in bud but not out yet, thank you for sharing yours :-)

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
Each day now another bouquet of flowers blooms. I am pleased to once again have flowers for the house too.
The lettuce is ready to begin picking too! Supper from the gardens is my favorite.
Thank you.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
The white flowers are so bright I have trouble. I found the light at sunset to be just right for the back peonies!
Yours will bloom soon! They are so pretty. I enjoy the peonies. You will too soon.