Friday, May 04, 2007

Party Time

I awoke to an hallelujah chorus!
The male Baltimore Orioles returned with their families.

Four males, four females and a few chicks filled the back Ash tree.

I refilled the nectar feeders
and put out fresh orange slices.

We had a Baltimore Oriole party.


Chrissie said...

Ha! We are being woken at 5 am by the dawn chorus :-) It is wonderful, people who wake later miss it! We listen and go back to sleep :-) I only wish we saw as many beautiful birds in our garden. These posts are full of wonderful pics, thanks for sharing them :-)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
It is so beautiful!! The music of my heart.
So glad you are also enjoying the dawn chorus.
I am thinking of recording it in the morning.
I would love my own cd.
Glad you enjoyed the photos. I do like to take pictures. My husband thinks I could put the camera in a basket and still be able to get some gardening done. I hope so, as I have many plants to tend to.