Sunday, May 27, 2007


The birds come rain or shine.

Our Nuthatch population has grown to five birds.
I am very smitten.
Our Hummingbird population has also grown.
Two females and two males are now coming to the feeders.

Overnight we had thundershowers.
Today it has been a light misty rain.
So pleasant for walking.
I love rainy days.


Mary said...

I thought I had one pair but I have two, also! I would love a walk in the rain right now. It's getting to be quite worrisome.

Jayne said...


Q said...

Dear Mary,
Still no rain?? It IS worrisome.
I will continue to think "rain" thoughts for you.
Having two pairs of the Hummingbirds is so nice. I watched a male do his figure eight dance and his swooshings about. So cool. They are amazing birds.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
Thank you.
Your Hummers are beautiful too. I just love backyard birding and sharing. I love your backyard birds too.