Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bird Report

The male Baltimore Oriole returned.

Baby Robin tried to come in the office window.
"Be careful Baby Robin!"


Jayne said...

I saw an oriole at my feeder last weekend... haven't seen him since. Need to invest in a feeder as the grape jelly just made a huge mess....bleh. Sweet baby Robin. :c)

Chrissie said...

Baby birds already! I don't understand how our spring can start before yours and then be overtaken so quickly :-) Lucky baby robin to be born in such a beautiful, loved, well fed garden :-)

Mary said...

Babies already? How grand!

I'm waiting for an Oriole. If I see one, you'll hear me before you read me.

Q said...

Dear Jayne,
The grape jelly in the sun can get icky!
I am putting out a wee bit at a time. I do change the nectar every other day. I am concerned that it might "go bad." The Baltimore Orioles are so bright and beautiful. I am keeping my eye out for the Orchard Oriole too. They should be here any day. I have two feeders set up in case. One has jelly, orange slices and nectar the other just nectar. It says in my bird book the Orchard Orioles also like jelly and orange slices.
Baby Robin wanted in! He pecked on my window and had much trouble getting down. He hopped and did a funny little "fly". Very sweet.

Q said...

Dear Chris,
We are having crazy weather!!
The Robins stayed all winter and started early on having their young. I also see that the "all year around" birds are having their babies now. I expect to see a Mocking Bird baby any day and all the Sparrows have nests as do the Cardinals.
Your Spring did come before ours and than ours came in like gang busters. Than Winter came than Summer and now we are back to Spring. Thank goodness Fall is still in October or the birds would be very confused.
Your baby birds will be with you very soon....
It is so wet now I cannot get into the gardens to plant seeds or any thing. I have all my Winter Sowed plants to get in the ground..
It is crazy weather!!
Spring has returned and I am ever so grateful.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I checked the bird book and you are a wee bit out of range. Now that does not mean they will not come as we know the birds go where there is food, water and shelter!
You could see some. The Orchard Orioles come your way! They are very beautiful! I would like to see them too.
I"ll be listening for the very happy lady saying, "YES!" and the sound, click, click of your shutter!