Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sweet William

I am pleased.
The Sweet William is in bloom.
The Silver-spotted Skippers have found food.
More Lupine have bloomed as well.

I have not seen Mr. Bumbles for a few days.
Perhaps he has hive duties to attend to.


Naturegirl said...

Mr. Bumbles was here with me this a.m. as I pruned shrubs and blossoms! I thought for a minute he was going to give me a kiss...and then flew off!My sweet williams come out next month...white and blue ones!Have a nice weekend!hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
Mr. Bumbles went visiting! How nice for you and him. Yes, he is a friendly bee.
So many chores in the gardens now. I enjoy them.
I also worked on bushes today. While your lilacs are blooming mine are past and all the spent blooms needed to be trimmed off. I braided daffodile leaves too. I lost about a dozen mums in the bitter April cold snap and now I must decide if I will replace with mums or not.
I am looking forward to seeing white and blue Sweet Williams. I only have the old fashioned type.
Have a wonderful long weekend.

Sheila said...

Your Sweet Williams are lovely..!
Don't worry about Mr Bumbles, he popped in to see NG, she will keep an eye on him, and after all he is as a busy as a ...
well you know..!

Anonymous said...

Hi Q, just popped over from Mark's site. I see you are in KC. I am just south of you aways.

Nice blog. I enjoyed looking through your posts.

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I do like the Sweet William. I try and save seed and let some self sow.
The are bi-annuals for me.
NG will take good care of the Bumbles! They are busy!!!
I guess I do not have enough flowers to keep them occupied.
More seeds....
My gardening enthusiasm is waning.
Once I dig out the dead plants maybe I won't feel so dejected.

Q said...

Hi Mike,
I have visited the Ozarks many, many times! Lovely area.
I enjoyed visiting your journal too. Your series on front porches was most enjoyable.