Friday, May 04, 2007

Party for the Rose-breasted Grosbeaks

The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks came this morning,
four males, four females and later in the day the young ones arrived.
They joined the Baltimore Orioles.
All of the regular birds were very gracious as the new arrivals
came to the seed trays and the feeders.
They shared and made room.
The Mocking Birds and the Robins were on security;
they chased away the Grackles and the Blue Jays.
The new arrivals were hungry.

I took many photos and refilled the seed trays a few times.
All of the bird baths are clean and filled from the recent rains.
I do not know how long the Grosbeaks and the Orioles will stay.
They have an open invitation.
We can party all summer.


Mary said...

Sherry!!! I am SO JEALOUS. i admit it here and now. These photos are fabulous, as usual. Baltimore Orioles, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks...HMMMMMPF!

I want to be at your party, girl!

Your blog makes my day. You and Jayne should start a club, "Best Bird Shots of the Day".

I love you for it.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I would love for you to come to the bird parties! You could sit on the deck with me and we could laugh at how funny and how beautiful all of the birds are!
Today I took about 1,000 photos. It will take me awhile to get them processed. I only posted a few as I was outside on hostess duty. So many birds....
The back Ash tree was filled with Orioles. I think there were Orchard Orioles as well as the Baltimores. Lots of little ones and I lost count at one point so many came. The two males have been gone for a few days and I think they went to the "flock" and told them about the grape jelly and orange halves that were available.
I was crying off and on all day as I was over the rainbow with glee!
The Grosbeaks are very cool too. 10 of them were here. Wonderful singers too.
Incredible bird day!
The best shot was when the Carolina Wren came to the feeding station. All the birds were singing and wings were everywhere. Teakettle came and opened his beak and sang the sweetest, loudest song you ever did hear. I busted out laughing.. the littlest bird had the biggest song!
A grand bird day!
Hummingbird came too, no photo as I was too close to get a picture!

Chrissie said...

Q :-) I don't think you really exist:-) I think I am seeing a little bit of heaven to keep me on the straight and narrow :-) Absolutely wonderful pics.

Naturegirl said...

I can bird watch just sitting here looking at your posts!I agree with Mary..I'm jealous! I do have many birds but NOT the variety or species you get! Wonderful!
hugs NG

Mary said...

I agree with Chris - you are just a figment of imagination - an angel watching us. :o)

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I am very real...
Not as human as some...
I seem to do best around the birds and bees and butterflies and trees!! Oh I also like the wind and rain and stars!!
We do okay on our little corner lot in the city. I think it is "Heaven on Earth". You do as well my dear. It is in our hearts to love Nature...she loves us right back.

Q said...

Dear Naturegirl,
I have a girlfriend who says the birds have put the word out, "gourmet dining, open seven days a week, 24 hours a day!" They come for the food! Also I think I am in a fly over zone. Thus lots of migraters come for a few days and head on out to the North. You may be a little bit North of some of the song birds nesting grounds. As the climate changes you too could be getting more birds from the Tropics!

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Don't pinch me! If I am sleeping I do not want to wake up!
It is wonderful to have all the birds come. I keep sending the Doves out to do some Angel work but they just want to hang around and feed and coo and feed and coo.
I think Mother Nature is watching over all of us that feed the birds and plant seeds.
Thank you. Blush! blush!

Sprite said...

Dearest Q

Goddess Bird Woman!

What a beautiful day and what a GREAT party! Woo Hooo!

They have arrived, and life is so full!

L~ Sprite

Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Goddess Birdwoman! I like that!
I would love to have wings too.
The welcoming party is winding down. All the birds seem to be back to normal and the new arrivals are nesting up and taking care of their bird things; preening and feeding and singing.
I am gearing up for the next arrivals, maybe the Indigo Buntings will find out we have great food and fun birds to hang out with. Blue Birds would be very nice too! All are invited... I love Coopers Hawk but when he came to the party it was rather disturbing.
He left right away too. Hope he comes back after everyone settles in. There are a few too many House Sparrows.
love you!