Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day Lunch Time

I put some music on.

Picnic Suite
Jean-Pierre Rampal/ Alexandre Lagoya
Claude Bolling
I will save Waltz of the Flowers for this evening.
I gathered a couple of books from the mantel.

I fixed my lunch; a simple plate of sauteed Vidalia Onions and fresh asparagus.
Leftovers from our May Day Eve supper.
I poured a glass of May wine.

I went outside.
The light is divine.
Maybe I will see the Green Woman .


Chrissie said...

Thanks for the link to the Green Man. I believe our ancestors knew alot more about the earth than we do and I really enjoyed the verse at the end of the link! Happy May Day to you :-)

Mark said...

Hi, Chris from the post above recommended i visit you,she has got it right your blog is full of cracking pictures of flowers,birds and insects. I particually like looking through gardening blogs from around the world as so many things are similar but just as many new to me. I was suprised to see you celebrated May day with May poles,i thought that this was a British tradition, perhaps it was taken over to you from here.
I will keeep checking back to see what new wildlife and flowers you have.
Cheers Mark

smilnsigh said...

I know of The Green Man, but not of The Green Woman. Thank you, for introducing me to her!!!

And thank you for the link to that amazing site. Wonderful! I love to read such. I put it in Fav. Places, so I can come back and read more. Lots and lots there. :-)

Mmmm... May Wine. Trouble is, though I love wine with sweetness, I guess I don't care for the {is it Sweet Woodruff?} herb taste in this. -sigh- Because I love the _name_ of May Wine.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you for your encouraging words, on my new seasonal photos blog. :-)

No, that lovely tree is not in our yard. It's on the college campus, which is very near our home. As is the little bridge and stream, I've started picturing. The tree was soooo lovely that I had to go over and take a picture. Mmmm... beautiful.

I think it's a Magnolia tree. Such a beautiful show they put on. But for such a short time. Especially if it rains. -sigh- Petals will fall even sooner.


Mary said...

Happy Mary Day, Sherry!

Naturegirl said...

~FaIeRy ~ books! Yes we are kindered
spirits! hugs NG

Q said...

Dear Chris,
I enjoyed this web site. I thought the History of the "Green Man" very interesting. I have a friend who calls me "Green Woman" sometimes and so I thought May would be a good time to find out more about her! Seems I am always studying something.
I too enjoyed that last line, "We are all one" so true.
Did you get to see the Full Flower Moon? Too cloudy at my house! Glad I took some moon time on Sunday night as she was almost full. I am planning a fun Blue Moon for my husband and I, dinner on the deck!
Happy May Day to you, my friend,

Q said...

Hello Mark,
I could be the only home in my city, or state that has a May Pole in her front yard. Actually it could be the only May Pole in the Mid-West!!
I do celebrate every day and if I can think of a good decoration I go for it! The May Pole was an idea I had a few years ago, last year my Husband helped me make it real. I do think it is an English tradition or Olde World. I have never danced a May Pole but I have read about how this is done. Very complicated. It would be fun to attend a May Day event. I had thought I would throw a May Day party but none of my friends thought it would be fun. They are rather New World sort of people!
It seems as if a, new to the yard, bird comes rather often. Always new flowers and eat-ables. Butterflies and bugs of all sorts too. It is a busy place for such a small city yard! I also enjoy seeing the plants and wildlife in other cities and countries. I cannot travel everyplace I would like to so I travel through the camera lens of other talented gardeners too.
It is very fun.
Until I hear from you again, blessings,

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
I enjoyed reading all the different ways the myths and legends have been told and retold through out the ages. I wrote down a few "must reads" and I also want to go back and read more. Glad you also enjoyed the site.
I use white grape juice for my May Wine. I would think it would be heavenly if you made up a recipe you liked!!! I use the Sweet Woodruff since we do like it, but we do not drink alcohol so the white grape juice works for us. Also I add apples and grapes to mine.
Your way of photographing your beautiful town is inspiring! Because of you I am stepping out a bit more. I love the idea of a photo blog. I had thought of doing something like that too. Right now I am finishing up my year commitment to "a post a day" on Corner. Come year two who knows??
Magnolia trees are beautiful. My neighbor has one and I enjoyed it earlier this season.
They are ify in my area too. A late freeze or a heavy rain and wind storm and the blooms do fall.
I look forward to seeing your Springtime.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
Happy May Day!
It is a beautiful month and I think this year I appriciate it more than ever!
It is the only month I do lots of pastel blue in my house.
I even have a Robin Egg blue hat and shoes!

Q said...

Dear NG,
Yep! We are Flower Fairies!!
Also I think we are tree huggers and bug lovers!
Sending blessing on Moon beams,