Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hop to

I need to hop to it.

I have places to go and creatures to see.

This afternoon I shall go butterfly hunting.


Deb said...

We have baby bunnies in the garden now too - so exciting. Each night we leave out lettuce leaves and carrot peel & by morning they are gone :-} Your bunny is adorable! Happy butterfly searching!

Mary said...

Cute, cute, cute! And I love the noses, too. Make that date to feel the soft, velvety noses!

You are too much.

Mark said...

I'm like you, the sun is out after a week of rain, i'm of hunting dragons and damsels....

Cheers Mark

Sheila said...

He is sweet, even though I was not impressed with the species earlier this year...LOL
Things may be looking up..we do not spray for weeds, and last night they were happily munching away on our dandelion crop...!

Q said...

Hi Deb,
I like having the bunnies about too. It is so kind of you to feed them.
There are two familes in the yard, front yard Rabbits and backyard. That is one family too many but what am I to do? I take photos.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
Our daughter started going to the Alpaca show when she lived in Colorado. When she moved to Portland she was concerned that there would not be a show. She was so pleased when she learned of it. She REALLY likes the Alpacas.
I think it would be very fun to spend some springtime in the Northwest and attend the Alpaca show too.
Who knows I too could become very smitten and a need a pair of Alpacas for the backyard!

Q said...

Hi Mark,
I have been enjoying your photos so much! I too hunt Dragons and Damsels! They are so cool. The dragonflies that come to my garden ponds every year delight me. Beautiful insects and such an ancient species.
We have a nice cool down and I am outside as much as possible.
Happy hunting.

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
I do not like the bunnies eating my vegetables! I find I am on garden watch as the babies learn to stay away from the lettuce.
They are cute.
I was posting about this when you came this morning. :-)