Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baltimore Oriole

The water in the ant guard for the Hummingbird feeder
seems to be where this Oriole wants to drink.
Perhaps there is protein with all the ants.
Seeing the Oriole at the seed feeder is very different.
I have only seen them eating oranges and grape jelly.

Maybe Oriole was curious.
Lots of birds use the seed feeder.
I have noticed how the birds learn from each other.

This Oriole is very orange.
My bird book says the females are pale yellow with orange tones and gray brown wings and yellow head feathers.
Maybe it is a juvenile getting his black feathers and flaming-orange plumage.
I am new to the Baltimore Orioles.
It might take me a few months to study and learn about them.
I hope they stay for awhile.


Naturegirl said...

These last two posts have been absolutely delightful!Thank you soul sister! hugs NG

Sheila said...

He likes to vary his diet..LOL
His colour is beautiful, a much more yellow orange than I had thought it might be. I don't think I've seen these here...

Mary said...

I'll bet they will stay for a while. If not, I hope they head southeast?

Q said...

Dear Soul Sis NG,
I am rather "wowed" by the Orioles!!They have me at their beak and call!
The Grosbeaks are so exotic looking and so polite!
I am in luv!!

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
LOL!! I bet he is a teenager!
So curious.. He was the first bird to try out the new grape jelly feeder I put out today.
I hope I get to see him molt into his man feathers.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
I have suggested they let other Baltimore Oriole know there is wonderful food to be had in your backyard. I bet some come. Maybe on their way South in the fall??
You never know about the birds. They know no bounderies!

Jayne said...

Tell you what... you send me some Orioles and I'll send up some Indigo Buntings!

Q said...

Hi Jayne,
These youngsters should be
fiished with their molt soon and I will suggest they head your way.
I know you will feed them well and provide safe resting.
Buntings would be so welcomed here. We have three Blue Jays and that is all the blue in the bird rainbow. I have seen Indigo Buntings in my area just not at my feeders! I did get one of the tray feeders you have and I have some nice mixed seed. Thank you for posting about the trays.
Thanks for sending Buntings.