Saturday, May 12, 2007

Taking a rest

The Moon is almost new.
I perched up this morning,
basking in the morning light,

before I went on with my chores.

Today I plant more seeds.


Naturegirl said...

Heavenly beautiful photos! ~Happy Mothers Day~ weekend kindred spirit!
Goosebumps looking at the perfect photo of the butterfly!
hugging you NG

Anita said...

He picture of the bird is great! We have so many birds in the garden but so far, I never suceeded in takging good photos of them...

Happy week-end!


Q said...

Dear NG, Kindred Spirit and Green Goddess,
Happiest of Mother's Days.
You are so nurturing, hope you can enjoy a day of rest and let the world take care of you for a day!
Butterflies and bird songs,

Q said...

Hello Anita,
Your gardens in Germany are bursting with color and delights.
The birds here seem to like to have their photo taken. Sometimes I think they are posing!
Happy weekend to you too.
10,000 blooms,