Tuesday, May 29, 2007


After supper we had a brief rain shower.

The juvenile Cardinal did my rain gauge photo.

The moon rose almost full.
We will have our second full moon in May on the 31st.
A full Blue Flower Moon at my house.

Once the sun is set and the Hummingbirds are at rest
the moths come for nectar.

I have my moth field guide out but I still cannot id these two!


Saucy said...

Oh, my. Loopy is horribly afraid of moths. I'm not, but would you mind posting a "spoiler" if you ever publish pictures of spiders???

Mark said...

Hi Q,
what an amazing selection of wildlife you have, i particually like the Orioles and the Red breasted woodpecker,i wouldn't mind some hummingbirds over here they are beautiful and to have them in your garden must be a treat .

Cheers Mark

Mary said...

Sherry, I don't know my moths or butterflies very well, but I am looking for a guide. Mark knows...

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
As you know I do like spiders!
I am learning to identify all the different moths in my area. So far I have not been very successful. I have a book but there are lots and lots of moths.

Q said...

Hi Mark,
In the UK you have so many birds I have never seen too.
Lots of different butterflies as well.
I do enjoy the Hummingbirds. They are fascinating to watch.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I am pretty good on the butterflies, the moths are challanging. My field guide does not have ALL the moths in Missouri.
I think there are thousands!