Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gifts from the heart

My Daughter offered her Spring.
A May Day gift.
She lives in the Pacific Northwest; I in the Midwest.
Her Spring is lush and vivid.
Her temperatures mild.
She gifted me her Spring.
I have never received such a gift.

My son gave me a Teaposy.
He had a box of tea flowers for my Posy.
A gift just for me.
A flower for the Full Flower Moon.

Flowers, for whenever I need a flower.

Tea for whenever I need comfort.

I brought up the Red Stool.
A new perch for me.
Someplace I could drink flower tea and look at moss.

She gave me her Spring.
He gave me comfort.

Flowers and Spring,
children who care.

She gave me her Spring!
He gave me his heart!

They understand.

She gave me her SPRING!

Her Spring.

Thank you.


Housefrau said...

:) Glad.

I wish I could give you my bees too. I'm scared of them!

Mary said...

I think I'm going to cry....

Q said...

Dearest Heart, Housefrau,
You are so sweet. Touched my heart you would give your Spring...
You did too! A real Northwest Spring came just like yours. It is cool and misty and rainy and more misty and rainy and lush and gorgeous!
Now bees are good! Very very good!
I bet your bees are friends or good relations of Mr. Bumbles!
You need your bees. They make all those lovely Portland flowers bloom! And honey is nice!
Thank you for sharing your Spring.

Q said...

Dear Mary,
No one, ever gave me a gift so incredible. I was speechless. I would not ever even offer my Spring. I learned a valuable lesson from this wise, young, sensitive, beautiful, woman. Did I mention she is very smart and artistic?
I love Spring so very much and my Daughter knew I was somewhat despondent.
My son also knew. I had very few flowers for my house. I like flowers to be everywhere! I like to glance here and there and see a lovely bouquet of flowers. I like the way they smell too. He thought the flowering tea would smell good, be flowers and be healthy for me. My friend was coming over for tea and I thought I would fix my new Teaposy for her. He told me,"Mom, this is just for you!"
Can you imagine something just for me?? The china cup is from my wedding dishes. I just decided to use them, enjoy them when I have my "just for me" tea.
My kids are very special people.
They knew I needed a little "Spring" now.

Sprite said...


Such beautiful words from such a beautiful friend.

Happy Spring Girlfriend!

My heart is so full for you~


Q said...

Dear Sprite,
Happy second Spring to you too!
all the trees are happy and my heart is so full of gratitude!
Sherry, who loves Spring