Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The Red Bellied Woodpecker chick
came to the back seed tray.
Mom was close by.


Jayne said...

Ohhhhhhh..... loook at that! I've never seen a baby! Just want to squeeze those cute cheeks, I do! What wonderful images Sherry!

Sheila said...

Like Jayne that is the first baby one I have seen.
We get woodies on our cherry tree, and have holes all around the trunk...their calling card..!

smilnsigh said...

I had to call my husband in, to see these photos. They are so amazing. Believe me, he agrees with me.

You are one spectacular photographer, my Dear!!!


Q said...

Dear Jayne,
I am very pleased the Red Bellies have become comfortable. The Male is about too. I did see another female yesterday so I think a small group may have found nesting cavities! They were about all winter, part of the Backyard family.
Seeing the chick was very fun. I hope to watch this little one grow up!

Q said...

Dear Sheila,
I have a soft spot in my heart for the woodpeckers. Some people think they are a bother but for me they are a blessing. They are great bug eaters!
I have read the holes made by the Sapsuckers are used by the Hummingbirds for nests. Maybe you will have a group of Hummers in your Cherry Tree! That would be fun!
A humming Cherry tree! :-)
An Haikiu is forming in my mind...

Q said...

Dear Mari-Nanci,
Thank you!!
I appreciate the compliment. I do "work" at getting the "shot"!
Mother Nature provides the subjects and they often do not respond to my urgings...
Today it was rainy and misty and gray and not great light! I was outside trying to keep the lens free from water drops!
I did find my passion when I found the camera lens. I love nature and being able to photograph what I see is a dream and a wish come true. I am filled with joy when I am behind the lens of a camera.

Mary said...

Sherry, will they ever become comfortable? I have them visit the suet but they are certainly skittish! Those babies are sweet.

Q said...

Hi Mary,
I found when I put up a large peanut feeder the Red Bellied Woodpeckers became less skittish.
I think they like the peanut mix so very much that they come and go frequently and do not seem to mind me sitting quietly on the deck. Now you must realize I am NOT getting anything done but taking a few hundred photos everyday (No rain or snow or sleet or hail or sun or clouds keep me from being outside taking photos!)
Having the chick about is very wonderful. The parents talk with chick too. I love that part!
Wish I knew bird speak.