Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I've been to the Meadow
where the butterflies feed,

I've laid in her grasses
and harvested seed.

When I long for the Meadow
and the cool summer breeze,
I go to my gardens
and there, take my ease.


Mary said...

Oh, if I were in a garden now...

instead of behind the desk

in this windowless office.

Thanks for the trip!

Q said...

Dear Mary,

No windows?
No birds?
No butterflies?
No herbs?

I will grab you,
from right where you are.

We fly,
We sing,
We dance,
We play.

So close your eyes,
smile and dream today!

Sherry, who has too many poems in her head

Mary said...

Thank you, Sherry. I dream too much during the day and walk outside whenever I can... big sigh... But I have work to do and I'm very devoted to it but not as devoted to my friends OUTDOORS.

I need to retire.

Sheila said...

You have so many wildlife visitors Sherry..!
I have just caught up on your last posts. The turtle, the frog, the rabbit, as well as all the birds, bees and butterflies. You live in a little corner of heaven..

Q said...

Dear Mary,
The work you do is important.
They are very lucky to have you.
I love the wildlife habitat you are putting in on your campus.
You get some wonderful bird photos on your walks.

Q said...

Hi Sheila,
For a small city yard we do rather well. I think it is the jellies!

Chrissie said...

I really like your little rhyme:-) I keep coming back to it and rereading.

Q said...

Hi Chris,
I wrote a series of these types of poems.
Glad you like it.
With your encouragement I will post another one.
Thank you,